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Set styled radio buttons and checkboxes that have hidden or overlapped the input field

Problem There seems to be an upward trend in applications using label elements to style radio buttons and checkboxes. This can cause issues when Watir tries to set the field. For example: Setting a jQuery Mobile checkbox, results in the … Continue reading

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Determine the feature directory in Cucumber hooks

Problem Today’s Stack Overflow question, “Is it possible to know from which folder cucumber scenario is running?” by Den Silver, was looking to apply hooks based on a feature file’s folder. While I can see the merit of this approach, … Continue reading

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Finding visible/hidden elements with the new :visible locator

Watir 6.0 introduces a new locator – :visible. This allows you to specify whether or not the element can be seen by the user. Usage Consider the following page where the first div is visible and first span element is … Continue reading

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ParallelTests::RSpec::RuntimeLogger ignores first process

Problem Inspired by a recent meeting with the team at Loblaws Digital, I have been looking at tools to improve the execution of my regression suite. To address an ever growing execution time, I turned to the ParallelTests gem. This … Continue reading

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Finding the next empty text field

Problem As I continued to investigate making Watir-Classic tests compatible with Watir-Webdriver, I noticed one test that failed to input the next empty row of a text field grid. The grid could start empty or it could start with rows … Continue reading

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Replace Table#row_count and Table#column_count with an ElementCollection#count

Given a table: You might want to check the number of rows and/or columns. Obsolete Method In Watir-Classic you may have retrieved these values using the row_count and column_count methods. However, these methods will give an error in Watir-Webdriver: Preferred … Continue reading

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Watir 6.0 is the end of the Watir metagem

The Watir gem started out as driver for IE through the OLE protocol. In 2012, version 4.0.0 changed Watir into a metagem that, based on the desired browser, used either Watir-Classic (the original implementation) or Watir-Webdriver (the Selenium backed implementation … Continue reading

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