Set styled radio buttons and checkboxes that have hidden or overlapped the input field


There seems to be an upward trend in applications using label elements to style radio buttons and checkboxes. This can cause issues when Watir tries to set the field. For example:

These issues can be reproduced on the following page:

      <input type="checkbox" id="overlapped_checkbox" style="position:absolute;">
      <label for="overlapped_checkbox" style="background-color:white; position:relative;">Label for overlap<label>
      <label for="hidden_radio">Label for hidden</label> 
      <input type="radio" id="hidden_radio" style="display:none;">    

With the following Watir code:

browser.checkbox(id: 'overlapped_checkbox').set
#=> Selenium::WebDriver::Error::UnknownError:
#=>   Element is not clickable at point (18, 17). 
#=>   Other element would receive the click: <label for="overlapped_checkbox" style="background-color:white; position:relative;">...</label> 'hidden_radio').set
#=> Watir::Exception::UnknownObjectException:
#=>   element located, but timed out after 30 seconds, 
#=>   waiting for true condition on #<Watir::Radio: located: true; {:id=>"hidden_radio", :tag_name=>"input", :type=>"radio"}> 

How do you get Watir to set these fields?


With these styled controls, a user never actually interacts with the input field. They only see and click the label element, which might happen to include an image of an enabled/disabled field. This works because the browser transfers clicks on the label element to clicks on the input field.

Watir needs to do the same thing as a user – ie click the label element instead:

p browser.checkbox(id: 'overlapped_checkbox').checked?
#=> false
browser.label(for: 'overlapped_checkbox').click
p browser.checkbox(id: 'overlapped_checkbox').checked?
#=> true

p 'hidden_radio').set?
#=> false
browser.label(for: 'hidden_radio').click
p 'hidden_radio').set?
#=> true
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