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Attaching Watir-Classic browser to HttpWatch

I was recently asked how to automate HttpWatch with Watir-Classic. The HttpWatch documentation included the following example, which was no longer working: How does this example need to be updated to make it run? Solution Due to only having a … Continue reading

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Replace SelectList#select with SelectList#select_value when selecting options by value

Say a page has the following select list. The page is localized for different languages causing the text to differ between users. For example, one might see “French” or “Fran├žais”. To avoid the localization changes, a Watir script should select … Continue reading

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Selecting options from a Dojo ComboBox

The Dojo ComboBox is a text field with a list of suggested inputs. While it looks like a select list, it cannot be interacted with using Watir’s select_list method – ie Watir::Select. The source for a Dojo ComboBox looks like: … Continue reading

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