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Specify execution order of cucumber features

Problem By default, Cucumber features/scenarios are run in the order: Alphabetically by feature file directory Alphabetically by feature file name Order of scenarios within the feature file For the folder/feature structure: + features + folder1 other3.feature some.feature + folder2 another.feature … Continue reading

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Locate a sibling from a Watir element

A previous post discussed locating sibling elements by finding a unique sibling, going to the parent and then going to the desired sibling. This solution assumed that the parent gave a unique search scope for the desired sibling. The solution … Continue reading

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Watir-Nokogiri gem published

Building on the Ċ½eljko’s idea of using Nokogiri with Watir, I created a watir-nokogiri gem. Watir-Nokogiri is an HTML parser using Watir’s API. The gem is compliant with Watirspec when it comes to searching and reading the page html. There … Continue reading

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Monkey patch Watir based on the driver being used

Problem When creating the watir-wait_with_refresh gem, I ran into issues making the gem compatible with both watir-classic and watir-webdriver. In watir-classic the browser is really a Watir::IE class while in watir-webdriver uses a Watir::Browser class. This means that depending on … Continue reading

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Published watir-wait_with_refresh gem

Watir’s wait methods assume that the element/block will become present/true due to the page being asynchronously loaded. Unfortunately, some applications, particularly older ones, will not be making use of these asynchronous loads. Instead, you have to refresh the browser for … Continue reading

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